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God of War: Do You Need to Play the Previous Games


God of War: Do You Need to Play the Previous Games

God of War: Do You Need to Play the Previous Games ?

God of War is the new entry into the third-person action franchise and while it shares the name of its predecessors, it is a different beast entirely. The game is a re-imagining of the series of sorts, shifting the focus to a more narrative story-driven structure. The camera is closer, the action more grounded, and the relationship between Kratos and his son at the very center of it all. God of War shifts the series into Norse mythology away from Greek, mixing up the enemies, weapons and environments that Kratos encounters. This is a new entry into a long-running franchise so many players have been wondering if they need to play the previous games in order to enjoy it.

This is thankfully not the case, as made clear by Aaron Kaufman, SIE Santa Monica Studio’s Senior Communication Strategist during a recent media event. He stated:

‘You definitely don’t need to play the previous God of War games to enjoy this one and that was a very deliberate decision by the team,’ Kaufman said. ‘It was really important to us that we didn’t explain Kratos’ past or where he was since Greece because we want people to focus from the first frame on this journey going forward.’

He continued: ‘If you’ve never played a God of War game, this is a game that was made for today’s action-adventure genre and that we hope continues to push it forward.’

Good news then for those using God of War to as a jumping on point in the series, though I’m sure there will be plenty of subtle nods for long-time fans too. Be sure to check out our review for God of War here. For more details on the game, head over to our wiki page.

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