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Get to Know OnRush’s Chaotic Selection of Weapons With New Trailer

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Get to Know OnRush’s Chaotic Selection of Weapons With New Trailer

Codemasters’ upcoming racing game OnRush has a new trailer out, and it showcases some of the eight unique vehicle classes as well as the weapons they’ll be capable of using throughout your time with the game. According to Codemasters, you’ll be able to choose from the Blade, Outlaw, Vortex, Charger, Interceptor, Dynamo, Titan, and the Enforcer to hit the streets and totally wreck the competition.

There’s a full rundown of each car’s abilities and traits straight from Codemasters below:

    • Blade
      • Rush: Firewall – RUSHing leaves a destructive trail of fire scorching the earth behind.
      • Ability: Crashbang: Your Tombstones are blinding when collected by opponents.
      • Trait: Tumbler – Earn RUSH directly from front and back flips.
    • Outlaw
      • Rush: Drain – RUSHing drains boost from all opponents in range.
      • Ability: Slam – Heavy landings trigger a shockwave that makes nearby enemies vulnerable.
      • Trait: Show-Off – Earn RUSH directly from performing tricks.
    • Vortex
      • Rush: Turbulence – RUSHing leaves a disruptive wake of turbulent air behind.
      • Ability: Touchdown – Timed boost landings are more effective.
      • Trait: Spiral – Earn Rush: directly from performing barrel rolls.
    • Charger
      • Rush: Bulldoze – Plow through opponents with a physically larger RUSH effect.
      • Ability: Airstrike – Improved magnetism on in-air attacks.
      • Trait: Daredevil – Earn RUSH from driving near enemies.
    • Interceptor
      • Rush: Rampage – Refill your RUSH gauge with every successful takedown.
      • Ability: Surge – Initial boost usage is more powerful but more costly.
      • Trait: Pinpoint – Earn RUSH directly from performing near misses.
    • Dynamo
      • Rush: Energize – RUSHing supplies nearby teammates with boost.
      • Ability: Restock – Drop boost pick-ups for your team when you boost.
      • Trait: Unite – Earn RUSH directly from driving near teammates.
    • Titan
      • Rush: Blockade – RUSHing drops a trail of blockades that slow your opponents down.
      • Ability: Shield – Give nearby teammates a shield that offers protection from big hits.
      • Trait: Impact – Earn RUSH directly from taking down opponents.
    • Enforcer
      • Rush: Blackout – RUSHing blinds any opponent following behind.
      • Ability: Shutdown – Hit opponents to temporarily disable their boost.
      • Trait: Bully – Earn RUSH directly from taking down fodder.

Sound like the kind of racing game you’d like to get behind? Check out the trailer below, which ever-so-succinctly puts it all into perspective better than descriptions ever could.

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