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Fortnite Queue: Waiting in Line, What You Need to Know


Fortnite Queue: Waiting in Line, What You Need to Know

What You Need to Know About the Fortnite Queue

Fortnite is the battle royale game which over the last year has become a global phenomenon. 100 players drop onto the map, and battle it out to be left the last one standing, all the while avoiding an ever-encroaching circle of death. The game is currently in Early Access meaning that, at times, it can become over loaded with players. Upon loading up the game and attempting to log in, you may find that you have been placed in a queue, sometimes for up to an hour. So you’re in this position, but why are you being put into the Fortnite queue?

The Fortnite queue usually comes into effect when a new update rolls out. This is because it usually leads to a huge influx of players eager to try out the new features. It’s a way for Epic to manage the load on the servers, and to maintain the experience for everyone playing. To get around this, you can make yourself aware of these traffic hotshots like new weapons and updates, planning your gaming around them. You can also stay logged in, allowing you to circumvent the queue. If you are placed into a queue, be aware that you may not have to sit through the entire wait time, so you can always suspend the application and do something else without being kicked from the queue.

This is pretty much all you can do to ease the stresses of being placed in the Fortnite queue, though things will probably get better as the game progresses through its development cycle. The servers are taking a particularly harsh beating at the moment, leading many to believe that the game might be shutting down for good.

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