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Can You Get Fortnite on PS3?


Can You Get Fortnite on PS3?

Can You Get Fortnite on PS3?

Fortnite is arguably one of the biggest games in the world right now, largely in part to its PvP Battle Royale mode. Though it’s still in beta, Fortnite has a wonderful level of polish and is seeing weekly updates that add new features, items, or game modes to keep fans hooked. Of course, with seemingly everyone talking about their epic Victory Royale the other night, it makes sense that people are wondering if you can get Fortnite on PS3.

Unfortunately, the game is currently only available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and will likely never come to the PS3. This is because these older systems do not support Unreal Engine 4 – the engine that Fortnite runs on.

There’s also the slight issue that these systems likely aren’t powerful enough to offer the kind of performance that we’re seeing on the current-gen consoles. Considering framerate and performance are such big factors in shooters, it’s unlikely that players would want an inferior experience than what is currently offered on Xbox One and PS4.

As such, if you’ve been hoping Epic Games would bring the game to the PS3, you’re fresh out of luck. If you do want to jump on the Battle Bus hype, you’ll need to grab a PS4, Xbox One, PC, or a fairly new iOS device if you’re happy playing on mobile.

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