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Fortnite’s Double Pump Exploit Returns With a Bang

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Fortnite’s Double Pump Exploit Returns With a Bang

In Fortnite’s v3.5 update, made earlier today, an exploit which had been previously patched out of the game makes its return. The Double Pump exploit is performed by firing a Pump Shotgun, switching to another gun (usually another Pump Shotgun), and then switching back. Doing this effectively negates reload time, allowing Fortnite players to shoot heavy damage weapons at a quicker rate. To see what this technique looks like in action, check out the video below.

The Double Pump technique was considered so unfair, it was removed back during the v3.0.0 update. Epic Games has yet to comment on the reemergence of the exploit, but it was likely reintroduced as a result of other changes made this patch, including the removal of the Pump Shotgun’s reload animation. More details about the latest patch notes can be found on the official website.

The double pump isn’t the only issue introduced with the new patch. The Fortnite twitter tweeted a few hours ago that due to an animation error with the Guided Missile, they would be temporarily disabling it until it could be fixed. There are also reports of keybinding issue, which the Fortnite team is looking into.

Although no official acknowledgement has been made about the Double Pump exploit, it is probably safe to assume that the exploit will not stick around for long. If players want to take advantage of it, they probably have a limited time to do so.

Fortnite, released back on July 25, 2017, is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.


This post was originally written by Katharine Craven.

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