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How to Fix Origin Not Running Sims 4


How to Fix Origin Not Running Sims 4

How to Fix Origin Not Running Sims 4

So you’ve been busy toiling away, trying to give your precious Sims a glorious new world to live in. You’ve given them careers, names and personalities, and you’re very happy with them. But what happens when, like many players, you log on one day and get an error message saying that Origin isn’t running correctly? Well, don’t panic, because while this is an issue that many players can encounter while playing The Sims 4, it is fixable with a few easy steps. Here’s how to fix the Origin not running error for The Sims 4.

First off, we’re going to head into the game’s root files. To do so, go into your local disk drive files, click the Electronic Arts folder, and then find the one labelled The Sims 4. Now what you’re going to do is right-click on it, select cut, then back out into the local disk screen again. Now right click and hit paste, you should see the file pop onto the screen. If it hasn’t, right click then click refresh and the list will repopulate with The Sims 4 file present. The game should now run without the error.

If this fix didn’t work for you, there are some other steps you can try. One such step is to make sure you are running an up-to-date version of the game. this can be done by heading to Documents, selecting Electronic Arts, then The Sims 4 and finally opening the file GameVersion.txt. You’ll be able to compare what the text says to what is currently the latest version of the game. If you are not running the latest version of the game, make sure you head over to the game’s website and download it.

So there you have it, hopefully, you managed to fix the Origin not running error for The Sims 4, if not, be sure to head over to the game’s help and support page. If you did get it working, why not head over to our list of the 100 Sims 4 mods you can’t play without.

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