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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get Team of the Season (TOTS) Players


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team: How to Get Team of the Season (TOTS) Players

How to Get Team of the Season (TOTS) Players in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

The exciting time that is Team of the Season (TOTS) has finally arrived in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, beginning with the Community Voted/Most Consistent squad. Of course, you’ll want them in your own team to take it to the next level, but how should you go about getting them?

Of course, the obvious way is to get them through packs and from the transfer market in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Any gold pack should give you the chance of packing one, with some silver packs allowing you to pack those that have silver or bronze base cards. If you know which one you want, you can head to the transfer market and search for the specific player. Keeping an eye on EA Sports FIFA’s Twitter will tell you exactly which players have got Team of the Season (TOTS) cards.

There are some other ways to get Team of the Season (TOTS) players, however. The first is through Weekly Objectives. The first player is Team of the Season (TOTS) Carlos Lopez, who is obtained by winning four Squad Battles matches on World Class difficulty or higher before 1 pm ET on May 4. You will also be able to head over to Squad Building Challenges as the event continues to win tradable players from the Rest of the World team, but they haven’t started yet.

Finally, you can win Team of the Season (TOTS) players by winning the Daily Knockout Tournament. The first is Jose Callejon, who can be won on April 30 and May 1, and the second is Junior Hoilett, who can be won on May 2-3. As more players can be won via the DKT, we will update you on who they are.

That’s all you need to know about getting Team of the Season TOTS players in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. For more on the game, check out our wiki guide.

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