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Eve: War of Ascension Brings the Space Sim to Mobile Devices


Eve: War of Ascension Brings the Space Sim to Mobile Devices

Eve Online has been up and running for nearly 20 years — 15 to be specific — and it’s seen several spinoffs ever since it first made its debut. Games like Eve Valkyrie and Dust 514 have all spun off from the title, in addition to a free-to-play version that you can get into if you have the extra cash for the optional goodies that you’ll no doubt want to buy. But there’s more coming down the line. Developer CCP Games has been teasing a new title in the Eve series for some time now, but now it looks official. Eve: War of Ascension is coming to both iOS and Android this year.

The mobile game originally went under the name of Project Aurora, and now it’s been given its official name. Developed in tandem with CCP Games and PlayRaven, the title will be published by Kongregate. While it shares the name of the Eve expansion in the past, it’s an entirely new title.

There’s not a lot of info beyond the fact that, yes, you’ll be able to roam around in space and work with other players while collecting resources (probably from other players too) and hunting for relics. There’s a set of planned events that will happen weekly as well as other limited time promotions, but how exactly this new mobile title will take what people love about Eve and translate it to on the go play has yet to be seen.

If you’ve been salivating over taking Eve with you on the go, Eve: War of Ascension should be on your radar as it picks up steam and releases at some point later this year.


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