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Detroit: Become Human Celebrates Going Gold With Demo Release Tomorrow


Detroit: Become Human Celebrates Going Gold With Demo Release Tomorrow

Players will soon get to try out Detroit: Become Human ahead of its May release, as a new demo is hitting the PlayStation store tomorrow. It’s a great way to celebrate the game having officially gone gold, according to the official PlayStation Blog, and Quantic Dream’s success means good things for us, as we’re getting a chance to play the game early. The demo will feature the hostage scene that we’ve seen several looks at in previous trailers, featuring investigator android Connor as he looks into a situation where a young girl has been taken hostage and must be saved before she’s thrown over the edge of a skyscraper.

The scene can end up in a number of ways depending on how you play, but you’ll have to figure out how you want to play things and who you want to survive. It looks like an adrenaline-fueled situation and should be a nice primer for those looking to try out Detroit and give it a look ahead of its official May 25 release on PlayStation 4.

You can see a new look at the game in the trailer below before sampling it for yourself. It’s going to feature several additional enhancements for PlayStation 4 Pro owners, and various narratives that will eventually be woven together as the story comes to life further. It truly looks like it’s gearing up to be one of Quantic Dream’s best, but we won’t know much about it until we can get a look at it ourselves. Let us know what you think of the demo when you get a chance to try it out tomorrow.

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