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Bungie Sets Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Reveal for Tomorrow

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Bungie Sets Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Reveal for Tomorrow

Ready for some more Destiny 2 in your life? You can look forward to a new stream from Destiny 2 and Vicarious Visions tomorrow, April 24 on Twitch that’s poised to answer all your burning questions about the latest expansion for Destiny 2, Warmind, and everything it has to offer players. A quick teaser trailer was released that shows us a tiny glimpse at what’s to come, but all it really does in the end is offer us more questions. What we do know from the 30-second teaser, however, is that it looks like we’re going to Mars once more.

There’s the Hellas Basin, a new Martian location to try out, and something called the Hive Escalation Protocol as well, which looks like it could be a new sort of Horde-like mode that players have to continually fight against Hive enemies. You’ve also got new exotic weapons and other updates for the game’s competitive multiplayer.

Though the teaser was brief, we know there’s probably a lot of new content players will flip for when Warmind launches on May 8, though we don’t know much about it at all right now, weirdly enough, less than a month from its debut. Tune in and check it out tomorrow on Twitch.

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