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Boss Key Productions’ Newest Project Is Battle Royale ‘Radical Heights’

Radical Heights

Boss Key Productions’ Newest Project Is Battle Royale ‘Radical Heights’

While Boss Key Production’s LawBreakers is essentially dead in the water, it looks like the studio has already been working on a new product the entire time, and in fact it will be available on Steam Early Access as early as tomorrow, April 10. It’s called Radical Heights, and it’s a new free-to-play battle royale shooter, presumably created to help the company compete in an arena populated by titles like PUBG and Fortnite.

Radical Heights features a bright, visceral aesthetic inspired by the ’80s with some interesting twists that come by way of “game show” moments where you need to seek out prizes and other items such as cash that travels with you from each match you go in to the next. There are moments akin to a game show such as opening special doors or killing contestants to nab their prizes so you can earn more fame. It’s unclear as to what that will get you in-game just yet, but it does over an interesting twist on the typical battle royale game.

There will be several cosmetic options you can use to customize your characters, and while the game itself will be free-to-play and available via Steam Early Access tomorrow for no charge, you can pick up a package for $14.99 that will come with special exclusive items and other bonuses to play around with ahead of the game’s full release. The neon-soaked graphics are intriguing, but will Boss Key Production’s newest project be able to stand on its own in a world that’s becoming a burgeoning spawning ground for me-too battle royale shooters? We’ll have to see as the project becomes fleshed out further. In the meantime, check out the reveal trailer below.

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