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Blow Things Up in the New Call of Duty: WWII War Machine DLC 2 Trailer

War Machine

Blow Things Up in the New Call of Duty: WWII War Machine DLC 2 Trailer

Sledgehammer Games is still hammering out additional content for Call of Duty: WWII in a big way, with The War Machine, the second DLC pack coming to the game. Players will be taken to iconic World War II battles, a rocket facility in Germany, and head all the way to Egypt in the pack, which is coming to PlayStation 4 first on April 10. There’s also a new War Mode mission as well as a new chapter of Nazi Zombies to soak up all the action in.

As far as maps go, Egypt is first up on the list. Fight around the ruins of Giza and around the Egyptian pyramids with a central interior temple. Dunkirk is based on the historic battles fought there as you square off on the sands of the French city. V2 is a rocket development and test site in Germany with a launch tower in the center of the map.

The new War Mode mission is Operation Husky, which has players gathering intel, returning it to HQ, and then engaging in an exciting new dogfight mode to clear the skies for Allied bombers to come through and lay waste to the enemy. The Shadowed Throne is the Nazi Zombies mission that you’ll be scared out of your wits by as you head back into Nazi Germany to investigate Berlin as Doctor Straub’s zombie army invades.

You only have a week or so left to wait to check all this new content out if you’re playing on PlayStation 4, so otherwise you can check out the new trailer below.


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