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9 Best Xbox One Couch Co Op Games From 2017


9 Best Xbox One Couch Co Op Games From 2017

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NBA Playgrounds

Best Xbox One Couch Co Op Games From 2017

nba playgrounds dunk

Depending on how long you’ve been playing games for, you may have some fond memories of playing NBA Street or NBA Jam with friends or siblings back in the PS2 and GameCube days. It was as arcade basketball as it comes, and oh boy did it play great. For whatever bizarre reason, we hadn’t seen any iterations for quite some time. NBA Playgrounds was developer Saber Interactive’s attempt at resurrecting arcade basketball action.

They’ve kinda succeeded and failed in that regard. Play against the AI on your own and the experience can be tedious and feel a little unfair. However, get the couch co op mode on the go and NBA Playgrounds becomes a blast. After all, who hasn’t wanted to dunk on their friends with a cartoony-looking LeBron?

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