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Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Co-op Games of Q1 2018


Top 5 Best Nintendo Switch Co-op Games of Q1 2018

Kirby Star Allies

Best Switch Co-op Games of Q1 2018

kirby star allies, switch

Everyone loves the adorable pink puffball named Kirby, and if you’re looking for an enjoyable little co-op romp with friends, Kirby Star Allies is right up your alley. The main new mechanic of this game is that instead of simply defeating or eating foes to gain new powers, Kirby can now befriend up to three enemies to join his team. Each of these can be controlled by a player, meaning up to four friends can play the game cooperatively at a time, as long as you have at least four Joy-Con controllers.

Allies can help power up Kirby’s abilities, as well as unleash their own moves. The game provides a user-friendly menu which provides the button combinations needed to pull off certain moves or even team attacks. The gameplay isn’t particularly challenging, but Kirby has never looked better than here on the Switch, and players will most certainly be able to have fun just running around the screen with friends.


This post was originally written by Katharine Craven.

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