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8 Best Gaming Laptops in 2018


8 Best Gaming Laptops in 2018

MSI GS65 Stealth

Best Gaming Laptops in 2018

best gaming laptops 2018

Gaming laptops don’t have to be bulky eyesores, a point proven by MSI’s new gaming laptop, the MSI GS65 Stealth. It boasts impressive power given its sleek and portable appearance, capable of high-end gaming and fairly intensive work-production. There are two models to choose from, with the higher one doubling the memory to 32GB and increasing the storage using two 512GB NVMe SSDs.

What stands out about the MSI GD65 Stealth is that it doesn’t really aim to stand out at all. Gaming laptops so often boast bright red LEDs and jagged edges, a design philosophy that the Stealth moves away from entirely. Instead offering a smart, subtle and understated design. The lower model will set you back around $1,799, though you’ll be paying $2,799 for the higher end one. Check out the full specs and prize over at Amazon.

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