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5 Best FPS and First-Person Games of Q1 2018


5 Best FPS and First-Person Games of Q1 2018


Best FPS Games of Q1 2018

deep rock galatic, FPS

Like a mix between Minecraft and Left for Dead, Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op FPS game where you and up to four friends dig and explore through cave systems filled with both precious resources and dangerous enemies.

There are four classes to choose from in order to be an asset to your team – a Scout who explores ahead and lights up any tunnels you make or encounter, a Gunner who specializes in combat, an Engineer who builds defensive items like turrets to keep the team safe, and finally a Driller who pushes through rock to make tunnels for the team to explore through.

With a main hub called the Space Rig, you can launch games, upgrade items, or change your character’s appearance. Missions are begun when teams are dropped from the Space Rig onto various different planets called Hoxxes that are divided into seven different types including Crystal Caves, Salt Pits, Fungus Bogs, and more. Missions can be anything from traveling to planets to collect resources, eliminate enemies, capture points, or simply mine and explore the world further.

Deep Rock Galactic is currently in early access starting on Feb. 28 on Xbox One and PC, but is set to release fully sometime in 2018.

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