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Battletech: How to Redeem Shadowhawk Pack & Change Skin


Battletech: How to Redeem Shadowhawk Pack & Change Skin

How to Redeem Shadowhawk Pack & Change Skin in Battletech

The Shadowhawk pack was a nifty little preorder goody for those that put their money down for Battletech before it was even released. This offers up an alternative skin for the Shadowhawk mech, plus you get an exclusive wallpaper to boot. Not too shabby. Of course, if you’re wanting to redeem the pack, or just can’t quite figure out how to change the skin of your mech in Battletech, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

First off, the pack should automatically download alongside the game if you preordered Battletech. If you’re having issues, make sure you have the online-only DRM turned on, as this seems to be causing some players some issues in downloading the pack.

Once you’ve ensured that the content has actually been installed on your system, you’ll now want to load up the game and head to the mech bay. Here, you’ll be able to toggle the skin of the Shadowhawk by clicking on the ‘Variant’ button in the lower right of the screen. It’s right next to the status of your mech.

And that should be all you need to redeem your Shadowhawk pack in Battletech. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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