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BattleTech: What Are Priority Missions


BattleTech: What Are Priority Missions

What Are Priority Missions in BattleTech

BattleTech is a turn-based strategy RPG which has a heavier focus on narrative than many of its peers. Its story is a dense mix of politics and Dune-style industrial skirmishes. At the start of the game, players choose their character’s appearance, backstory and lineage. There are an impressive amount of options present from the get go, with player agency being a core part of the experience. After a couple of introductory missions, the player takes command of a mercenary ship and must manage its finances, contracts and armoury. There are a selection of missions available depending on which system you’re in, some being standard side missions and some being Priority Missions.

Priority Missions are those which advance the story along. They can be completed at any time, so don’t worry about focusing on other contracts first. They will be labelled as Priority Missions in the ship’s mission section. These missions often award bonus items, and do often tell an interesting story so are well worth doing if you have time. It’s worth noting that these story missions are often more difficult than their optional counterparts. Make sure you read the conditions of the mission beforehand and plan your Lance carefully.

For more on Battletech, be sure to search for Twinfinite. For those of you who are just jumping into the complex systems and dense story that the game offers, head over to our tips and tricks for beginners guide.

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