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BattleTech: How to Use Called Shot & What it Does


BattleTech: How to Use Called Shot & What it Does

BattleTech: How to Use Called Shot & What it Does

BattleTech is a new turn-based strategy RPG which sees players commanding a team of highly weaponized machines called BattleMechs. It’s based on the board game of the same name, and shares much of the deep lore and political intrigue which comprises its world. The game features a ton of weapons, from targeted laser cannons, machine guns and grenades, to melee combat and AoE attacks. The mechs are, predictably, the stars of the show, lumbering around the battlefield in a way which makes them feel heavy and truly formidable. Problem is, a lot of the game’s extensive range of combat options are not explained from the get go, meaning you may miss out on vital tactics.

One such vital tactic is the Called Shot (or Precision Shot). The Called Shot is granted to the player after a sufficient level of team morale is reached, earned through successful mission encounters and other tactical choices such as downing enemy mechs. Once morale is high enough, you can select the Called Shot from the actions menu. It’s located to the left of the Brace option.Once it is selected you can choose which part of an enemy you want to target. This allows for serious amounts of damage, especially if you’ve whittled away armor previously. A Called Shot to the head or chest will do some serious damage, even one-shot killing stronger enemies at the start of the game. It also knocks your opponent back into a later spot in the initiative order.

Destroying the chest in this way will grant you a lot of spare parts, given that you have left the arms and legs intact that is. It’s a great tactic but must be built up to, so consider downing enemies early on in a fight to raise moral and have it as an option for tougher bosses later in the stage.

For more details on BattleTech, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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