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BattleTech: How to Eject


BattleTech: How to Eject

BattleTech: How to Eject

BattleTech is a turn-based strategy RPG developed by Harebrained Schemes. It tells a complex tale of political corruption, corporate espionage and the rise of a shady new regime. The game allows players to control a team of up to 4 mechs, allowing them to be customized to an impressive level of depth. Players accept mission contracts which often involve destroying enemies, turrets and other mechanical baddies. If a unit takes too much damage, the warrior piloting it will be taken out of action for a significant period so you’re going to want to avoid this at all costs. One way of doing this is to eject your MechWarrior before too much damage is taken, here’s how:

To eject your MechWarrior from its BattleMech, you first need to have the unit selected and have it active in combat. This is done during your turn, just click on the MechWarrior you’d like to remove from the battle. Once you’re locked into the right character, look for the red box with a black arrow pointing upwards. It’s located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, as part of the mech’s HUD. Select this option to eject your pilot. Their mech will remain on the battlefield, but is rendered unusable. This is a very important tactic indeed, especially in later battles.

Don’t be afraid to be too careful with the eject option, as the consequences for a dead MechWarrior are very high. If they do die, you will be unable to use them in battle, for a longer period determined by how many Med Bays you have. At the start of the game, it can mean over 100 days out of action, which carries with it a huge financial cost as you wait out the time and lose opportunities for missions.

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