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BattleTech: How to Earn Reputation


BattleTech: How to Earn Reputation

BattleTech: How to Earn Reputation

BattleTech is a mech-based strategy-RPG which sees players commanding a team of warriors, and running their own mercenary organisation. There’s a deep combat system, with a wide breadth of customization and tactical options. The story is just as deep too, taking place in a fully realised sci-fi world populated by warring factions and rogue groups. The game is a complex RPG with stats based on their standing with each faction, with bonuses and extra money rewarded for good ties to each.

Reputation is earned through the completion of contracts. These contracts are issued by a different factions each time, rewarding a small amount of reputation which can be negotiated depending on individual circumstances. It’s possible to sacrifice cash or salvage rights for each mission, which will in turn boost the reputation earned. This comes in handy for when you start getting repeat clients, as there is little point in losing cash for factions and clients that you are not going to see very often. At the start of the game, concentrate on cash and salvage rewards. Once you start to gain reputation through the natural progression of completing missions, you can then start to decide which houses you’d like to start investing in. It takes a long time to build up reputation, but once it is high enough you’ll start receiving bonus job payouts and discounts. Moving to new systems will change up which factions you are likely to encounter so be sure to factor this in when choosing who you want to gain discounts with.

To check your standings with each client, head over to the CPT QUARTERS section of your ship menu. From here you’ll be able to see whether they are indifferent, negative or positive. For more on BattleTech check out our other guides.

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