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Bang Your Head With the Latest Nintendo Labo Demonstration Video

Nintendo Labo, Toy-Con Garage

Bang Your Head With the Latest Nintendo Labo Demonstration Video

Nintendo Labo continues to show off plenty of the cool projects you can complete with the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con playsets, and the latest video released by the company is no different. The new Toy-Con Garage video shows off how you can make your own rubber band guitar to rock out with.

You need just six rubber bands to make this musical instrument come to life, which is pretty surprising given that that’s really all you need to make something this cool using just your Nintendo Switch. The video shows how you can wrap the rubber bands around your Nintendo Switch’s main handheld unit to use the touch screen to make music. The rubber bands are more for the illusion that you’re really “strumming,” but it help you feel like you actually have a guitar rather than something you put together with the Labo.

You can also use your Joy-Con for “note modifiers” and make a carboard guitar shape to go with everything, until you’ve put together an adorable cardboard-based set of instruments that you and your family can pretend to play together. Now, as the annoying audience member in Quest for Fame always yelled, play Steppenwolf!

Nintendo Labo launches on April 20 for Nintendo Switch.


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