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Avengers Infinity War: Is There a Post-Credits Scene? (No Spoilers)


Avengers Infinity War: Is There a Post-Credits Scene? (No Spoilers)

Is There a Post-Credits Scene in Avengers Infinity War

Keeping up the tradition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Avengers: Infinity War features a tease to Marvel’s upcoming films, during the credits. In Infinity War, there is only one scene after the credits – no mid-credits scene, or anything to that effect. You’ll have to sit through the credits in their entirety for this one, unfortunately.

The trend started all the way back in the original Iron Man released in 2008. This was the first film in Marvel’s now 10 year running Marvel Cinematic Universe. The post-credits scene saw the first appearance of Samual Jackson’s Nick Fury, who introduced the “Avengers initiative,” and was really the introduction to the entire concept of cinematic universes. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor’s post-credits and mid-credits scenes helped tie all of the films together, while also teasing the first crossover film, Marvel’s Avengers. Superhero movie fans have had to endure the prolonged scrolling text ever since.

Some of the MCU films’ post-credits scenes give us a look into the future of the MCU, while others show some humorous vignettes. Some MCU films, like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, have several scenes throughout the credits. In Avengers Infinity War, there’s just the one post-credits scene right at the very end. After that, you’ll be allowed to safely leave the movie theater.

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