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All Xbox One Game Releases for May 2018

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All Xbox One Game Releases for May 2018

Xbox One May 2018 Video Game Releases

After a rather quiet month for the Xbox One in April, it’s time to finally look forward to what’s coming in the month of May 2018. Currently, there’s not a huge list of video game releases in May, but there are some particularly notable releases sure to pique players’ interest.

Xbox One’s headline title in May 2018 is without a doubt State of Decay 2. In a recent preview, we felt that the game had far more content to ensure that it didn’t meet the same ill fate as Sea of Thieves did with its sparse amount of content back in March. As you’d expect from the sequel, State of Decay 2 will largely see you doing the same things you did in its predecessor. You’ll control a survivor, go about scavenging for resources, improving your base, and of course, murder a ton of the undead in the process. The sequel brings with it the option to play through the campaign in co-op multiplayer, plus some more sinister enemy types that’ll make for more exciting showdowns than your average slow-walking, brain-dead zombie.

If surviving a zombie apocalypse isn’t your cup of tea, how about revisiting one of the most iconic titles from last generation in Dark Souls Remastered? You’ll get to experience it with refreshed visuals, silky smooth 60fps, and you’ll get the Artorias of the Abyss DLC thrown into the package, too. Dark Souls isn’t for everyone. You’ll need to learn enemy attack patterns, and utilize every ability at your disposal if you’re going to survive the world of Lordran.

Laser League is also well worth keeping an eye on in May 2018. Though it might not have stunning visuals or a massive open world for players to explore, this indie, multiplayer-centric sports game has teams battling over nodes in an arena in order to send colored beams of painful light sprawling across the play area. You’ll need to work as a team if you’re to avoid danger, while eliminating your enemy with your own beams in the process. It may sound a little odd, but just check out some gameplay and you can see why Laser League is well worth looking forward to.

The full list of May 2018 Xbox One game releases can be found below.

  • May 1 – Battlezone: Gold Edition
  • May 1 – Super Mega Baseball 2
  • May 4 – City of Brass
  • May 8 – Conan Exiles
  • May 10 – Laser League
  • May 22 – State of Decay 2
  • May 22 – Tennis World Tour
  • May 25 – Dark Souls Remastered
  • May 29 – Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
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