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5 Additions We Hope Fortnite’s Comet Brings If it Demolishes Tilted Towers


5 Additions We Hope Fortnite’s Comet Brings If it Demolishes Tilted Towers

A New Named Location

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Right now, the Fortnite community is going a little bit crazy. Not because of the new guided rocket launcher, but because of the comet in the sky that seems to be making its way for Tilted Towers. While we’ve already covered what this could mean for the location here, we got a little too excited at the prospect of another major change to Fortnite Battle Royale. As such, here are five things we’ve love to see come on the back of the comet if it is to crash into Tilted Towers.

Whether you love the frantic chaos of Tilted Towers or not, it can’t really be disputed that its removal from the map would leave a pretty big, empty patch of nothingness. And while we have the likes of Pleasant Park, Shifty Shafts, and Snobby Shores relatively nearby, it’d help make Tilted Towers’ demise that little easier to swallow for those that do enjoy it, if there’s something new and exciting to take its place.

Of course, whatever form this new location comes to us in, it needs to have a name just as catchy as all the others. One that’s been going around the rumor mill is Crispy Crater which seems pretty apt to us. Will it take Tilted Towers back to the prehistoric times (as that dinosaur banner icon suggests), or turn it into some sort of bizarre space station?

Whatever replaces Tilted Towers needs to feel more in-line with the other locations on the map, though. Tilted Towers made a name for itself as the bustling metropolis with tons of loot, a problem further compounded by its central location. It might not be as rewarding weapon-wise to drop into whatever replaces Tilted Towers, but at least the flow of the game should balance itself back out.

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