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5 Reasons Kratos Was Right to Be So Angry

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5 Reasons Kratos Was Right to Be So Angry

For all of the terrible things Kratos has done in the name of rage and vengeance, it’s hard not to see why he was angry after all of the things he’d been through. Once a powerful Spartan captain forced to swear allegiance to the gods, there’s no shortage of betrayals and deceptions the Ghost of Sparta has suffered and it’s little wonder he’s lost his cool on so many occasions as a result. Some injustices were worse than others though, and these five moments are the cream of the crop for times that Kratos had a good reason to be angry.

He was Forced to Leave His Daughter in the Underworld

Having already lost his daughter Calliope once to the plot of a god, Kratos was overjoyed to meet his daughter again in the heavenly realm of Elysium; so much so that he willingly offers up his god-like powers and strength to be free of his sins and live in peace with her. This soon turns sour, however, as the god Persephone reveals this was her intention all along in order to destroy the world pillar and end all life.

With no other choice, Kratos is then forced to abandon Calliope and slaughter the other residents of Elysium to regain his powers, revealing his more savage nature to her and leaving her alone for the rest of eternity. Needless to say he doesn’t keep his cool afterward, and goes about destroying Persephone in as vicious a way as possible.

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