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4 Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar in April 2018


4 Best PS4 Games to Have on Your Radar in April 2018

Tera (April 3)

Best PS4 Games in April 2018

tera consoles

The popular MMO Tera is finally coming to consoles this month, after being released on PC in 2012. While the game certainly has some similarities to popular MMOs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV, there are a few key differences.

Tera’s combat is much more action-based than your typical MMO, with the game requiring the player to actively dodge and attack. Everything plays out in real-time, adding in tactical elements to make combat deeper. It’s certainly a far cry from the typical hot-bar combat system you find in other games. Luckily, Tera is also completely free-to-play, meaning you can jump right in when it releases on April 3. Most of the character classes will be included at launch, with more added in later. The console version of the game is pretty much the same as the PC version, at least it will be once everything is updated down the road. You can head over to Tera’s official website to see even more, including a primer if you’re planning on jumpming into the console version.

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