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You Can Now Pre-Register for the Westworld Mobile Game


You Can Now Pre-Register for the Westworld Mobile Game

There’s a Westworld mobile game in the making, and we’re now getting to see a decent glimpse of it in action thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Based on the popular HBO original series and produced by Kilter Films and WB Games San Francisco with development by Behavior Interactive, it places you right in the middle of the action. You’re tasked with playing as a new Delos trainee in the Delos Park Training Simulation.

The actual game is strategy-based, as you’re in charge of the Westworld park and how everything comes together. At a glance, it somewhat resembles games like Fallout Shelter, at least in terms of setup and how you can go from area to area. If it sounds like something you want to play, preregistration is open now for both iOS and Android, with iOS registration live on the game’s site and Android preregistration available via Google Play.

There are a few tiers unlocking with additional players who register for the game, with 750k preregistrations getting a special coin and gem pack, and the Basic Host Code Pack. The Crafting Pack will be up for grabs for free as well. All rewards will be up for grabs to claim until May 10, if you’re thinking of heading to Westworld.

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