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Yakuza 6: How to Save


Yakuza 6: How to Save

How to Save in Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life makes a big leap in updating the series for modern consoles. One of the big focuses of this title is in making everything seamless. Whether it’s the transitions between battles, or when Kazuma Kiryu walks into a store, there’s a seamlessness to everything in the game.

This also applies to the save system, which now has an autosave feature. Whenever you see a small rotating circle in the bottom right of the screen the game is autosaving. This marks the first time a Yakuza game has had an autosave system, as you typically had to find a telephone or telephone booth in order to save. If you’d like to do a manual save just to ensure everything is recorded in Yakuza 6, you can do that as well. Bring up the main menu and go down to options, then scroll to the bottom and just select save. Simple as that.

Yakuza 6 makes it much easier to save your game, and it just adds to the focus on seamlessness. Still, it’s a good idea to manually save your game before you quit, just to ensure you don’t lose any kind of progress.

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