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Yakuza 6: How to Play Virtua Fighter 5


Yakuza 6: How to Play Virtua Fighter 5

How to Play Virtua Fighter 5 in Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6 gives players a veritable playground to run around in with the red-light district of Kamurocho, and the sleepy country town of Onomichi. The series’ traditional minigames return, with some previous ones dropping by the wayside while other ones get added. Club Sega once again puts some classic Sega arcade games in Yakuza 6.

The most surprising addition to Club Sega, however, is the full arcade version of Virtua Fighter 5. That’s right, the entirety of Virtua Fighter 5’s arcade version is playable in Yakuza 6. To play it all you need to do is head to Club Sega on Nakamichi St., and you’ll see arcade cabinets for Virtua Fighter 5 inside that you can interact with. You’ll also have the chance to play a game of Puyo Puyo if you want. Alternatively, the other Club Sega in Theater Square has older Sega arcade games and darts, if you want a change of pace. Of course, there’s plenty of other minigames to partake in like spearfishing and baseball, if arcade games aren’t really your style. Make sure to try everything out a little bit, as you can get experience rewards by playing minigames.

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