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Yakuza 6: How to Change Clothes


Yakuza 6: How to Change Clothes

How to Change Clothes in Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6 is the final chapter in the story of Kazuma Kiryu, the Dragon of Dojima. As such you’ll, of course, be returning to Kamurocho, but this time you’ll also visit the quiet fishing town of Onomichi. Kiryu meets plenty of new allies and while a few friends return, and Yakuza 6 is a story about family. As you might expect, Kiryu is rocking his trademark grey suit that really makes him stand out from the crowd. There’s a few other outfits you’ll wear along the way, but there’s a bit of a catch to them.

Unfortunately, while you’re playing through the story you can’t just up and change clothes at any time. You’re stuck wearing whatever the story has Kiryu in at that time, whether it’s the grey suit or a black tuxedo. The good news, however, is that once you’ve beaten the game and unlocked Premium Adventure you can change clothes at any time. To do so, simply head to Kiryu’s apartment in Onomichi or to New Serena in Kamurocho, then select the closet. You’ll be able to select from a few different outfits, and run around in whatever you like best.

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