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WarioWare Gold Arrives on 3DS This Summer

warioware gold

WarioWare Gold Arrives on 3DS This Summer

During Nintendo’s Direct today, the publisher announced that a new WarioWare game will be heading to the 3DS eShop this summer. To be more precise, this collection of over 300 mini-games, titled WarioWare Gold, will release on August 3.

The title will capitalize on the 3DS’ hardware capabilities for its mini-games, offering players the ability to tilt their devices, scrap at their touch screens, and blow into their microphones in order to pull off whatever crazy antics the game wants you to do next.

Rest assured that WarioWare Gold preserves the zany quality of other games found in the franchise, as picking noses, plucking out whiskers, and stretching faces are all activities one can enjoy, as evidenced clearly in title’s debut trailer below.

Of course, characters that fans have grown to love from the series are set to reappear as well, all dressed up in alternate attire to fit the occasion. Each will be fully voiced too – a first for the series since it debuted.

With Nintendo boasting that WarioWare Gold will be the largest compilation of minigames that the franchise has featured so far, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what the company manages to pull off on the 3DS’ tiny two screens.

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