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Survivor: Who Got Voted Off Last Night (02/28/18)


Survivor: Who Got Voted Off Last Night (02/28/18)

Survivor: Who Got Voted Off Last Night (02/28/18)

Survivor’s 36th season has finally debuted, and as you might expect, the two-hour premiere was filled with plenty of drama and twists. The new season has taken on the theme of “Ghost Island,” with twenty castaways being brought to Fiji this time around. Of course, plenty of people are wondering just who got voted off in Survivor last night.

Currently, the contestants are divided into two different tribes. The Naviti Tribe is made up of Angela Perkins, Chelsea Townsend, Desiree Afuye, Kellyn Bechtold, Morgan Ricke, Bradley Kleihege, Chris Noble, Domenick Abbate, Sebastian Noel and Wendell Holland. Meanwhile, the Malolo tribe is comprised of Jenna Bowman, Laurel Johnson, Libby Vincek, Stephanie Gonzalez, Stephanie Johnson, Brendan Shapiro, Donathan Hurley, Jacob Derwin, James Lim and Michael Yerger.

Naturally, if you didn’t have time to catch the premiere episode, you might just be wondering which of these castaways was voted off at the end. Being a two-hour premiere, there were actually two people voted off this time around. The first Tribal Council saw Stephanie Gonzalez get voted off the island. Meanwhile, at the second Tribal Council, Jacob Derwin was the second castaway to get booted off. This means that the Malolo tribe is now down two people, compared to Naviti which hasn’t lost anyone yet.

Survivor: Ghost Island airs Wednesdays on CBS at 8/7c. For more general tips and information, make sure to search Twinfinite

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