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Surviving Mars: How to Get Water


Surviving Mars: How to Get Water

How to Get Water in Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is finally out in the wild, and strategy and simulation fans should enjoy the prospect of starting a martian colony from scratch. It’s a game in which you’ll transform a small outpost to a huge dream world filled with humans, science, and of course, money. However, long before you even get close to having anything resembling a functional and profitable martian colony, you need something very important: water. Here’s how to get water in Surviving Mars:

Now, your drones, they don’t need water, they’re fine without it. In fact, they would prefer to stay away from water. But for us humans? We need plenty of the stuff. Not only do humans need water to survive on Mars, you’ll need to have some before humans even arrive so they don’t get dehydrated and die as soon as they reach the red planet.

The first thing you’ll want to do is see if you have any conveniently located natural water deposits marked on your map with a big water droplet symbol. If so, you can build a Water Extractor for six concrete and two machine parts. This will automatically collect water for you until the deposit runs out. If you don’t have any nearby deposits, you’re not totally out of luck, but you’ll need to rely instead on prefabricated Moisture Vaporators. These collect water from the moisture in Martian atmosphere. If you’re starting a quick game, you usually only have one, and you’ll need to bring more to you via cargo rockets from Earth. To be on the safe side, you generally want at least two Moisture Vaporators to safely support a dome, and if you have more, even better. This is to safeguard you in case things go wrong with your pipes. Speaking of which…

Whether you go for the extractor or the vaporator, all water-producing buildings need to be connected to water-dependent buildings or storage via Pipes. Pipes are also accessed in the same “Life Support” section of the build menu. Run pipes just like you would cables. Use the left mouse click button to drag a pipe from the producer all the way to what you want to connect it to. If it’s connected properly, you’ll see a message that says building connected. You need to make sure that you’re connecting pipes into the blue/yellow pipe symbols that appear on buildings that accept pipes, otherwise, it won’t connect properly. It’s not as easy as connected cable/power in that regard.

That does it for how to get water in Surviving Mars. If you have any additional questions, be sure to hit us up in the comments so we can help you out.

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