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Surviving Mars: How to Repair Cable and Pipe Faults


Surviving Mars: How to Repair Cable and Pipe Faults

How to Repair Cable and Pipe Faults in Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars challenges strategy fans with building their own colony on Mars. Power, oxygen, water are all critical life lines in Surviving Mars. Without them, your buildings won’t function properly, and domes, where humans are housed, would succumb to the harsh environment of Mars. While you could live with a sensor tower malfunctioning for a little bit, having a water line fault could lead to the death an entire colony! Therefore, it’s critical that you repair cable and pipe faults as soon as they occur.

Doing so is pretty easy luckily provided you have the resources. Nearby drones will automatically seek to fix faulty cables and pipes as soon as they occur, provided they have metal that is. Pipes and cables require metal and if you don’t have any nearby for the drone to collect and use to repair, then the drones will move onto other issues that they can correct.

During a cable and pipe fault, the amount of power, oxygen, and water you are producing/sending is reduced. If you have only exactly what you need, then this of course, is problematic. With that said, we recommend having multiple sources of water, oxygen, and power if you can afford it to ensure that if one pipe or cable faults, you have other backup ones to keep your colony up and running. Again, domes in particular are very sensitive since they house very squishy humans that aren’t meant to live on Mars. Make sure they are always your top priority otherwise your colony is going to fall flat on its face pretty quick.

That does it for how to repair cable and pipe faults in Surviving Mars for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. For more Surviving Mars guides, and FAQs answered, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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