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Surviving Mars: How to Connect Domes


Surviving Mars: How to Connect Domes

How to Connect Domes in Surviving Mars

Domes in Surviving Mars are the sweet, sweet bubbles of life that will be responsible for housing your fragile human colonists. This is where they will eat, sleep, and live out their martian lives. Some of them might find a job in the Dome and rarely ever leave. Although they are squishy and vulnerable, humans are critical for turning your colony from a pile of dust and rock being poked at by drones, into something grandiose and self-sufficient that Earth would be proud of. Before you get there though, your Domes need to be up and running.

Even after you build a Dome up, you need to make sure it’s properly connected up to your grid and that should include power, water, and oxygen. Power is the easiest thing to connect your dome to. Simply run a cable from either a power generating source, or an accumulator to your Dome. If you have it lined up correctly, the Dome should highlight yellow, indicating the connection was made successfully.

Water and Oxygen are a little trickier. There are only certain places around the Dome that you can run pipes into. To see where, click your Dome and you’ll see around it some blue hexes with a yellow pipe symbol on it. These hexes indicate where pipes can be hooked up. Once you have that sorted out, run your pipe from your oxygen and water producing/storing buildings into any one of those blue hexes. If you have a clear line from each building, you’ll get a notification that “the building is connected” when you finished dragging the pipe over to the proper spot in the Dome. If not, check and make sure you have one going into one of the hexes and that there is nothing blocking your pipes path to it such as rocks, uneven terrain, or another building. Once you have oxygen, water and power all hooked up at proper levels to your Dome, you can safely start moving humans in from Earth.

If you arrived here wondering if you can actually connect different domes together, at the moment the answer is no, you cannot. They are individual spaces. However, you do eventually unlock bigger domes through research from the one you start with. So there’s that.

That does it for how to connect domes in Surviving Mars. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more FAQs answered and Surviving Mars guides.

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