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Super Mario Odyssey: Where to Find All Luigi Locations


Super Mario Odyssey: Where to Find All Luigi Locations

Where to Find All Luigi Locations in Super Mario Odyssey

Luigi has just received his very own DLC and can now be found in each Super Mario Odyssey kingdom. Luigi’s Balloon World allows players to participate in an online game of hide and seek in which players hide a balloon for others to reach and find. In order to access this mode in Super Mario Odyssey, players must first track him down. Here’s where to find all Luigi’s locations in the many different kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey.

  • Cap Kingdom – After landing in the starting area, venture out towards the hat-wearing tower, hop over the two hills and there he is, holding a red balloon in the first area.
  • Cascade Kingdom -Head out towards the sign and coins situated in the starting area. Jump up onto the ledge and you will find Luigi standing in a circle of non-grassy ground.
  • Sand Kingdom – Luigi can be located standing next to the water fountain between the two lanes of buildings. Looking towards the city on arrival should be enough for you to spot him. If not, head towards the store and he will be easier to find.
  • Lake Kingdom – Luigi is standing up on a stone ledge above the first lake. Cross the lake and throw Mario’s hat onto the flower, activating its spring powers. Jump onto the flower and you’ll be able to reach Luigi no problem.
  • Wooded Kingdom Head past the Crazy Cap store, past the rabbit and over towards the entrance to the rest of the stage, and there he is!
  • Cloud Kingdom – Balloon Mode is not actually available here at all due to the map’s small size and therefore lack of options for hiding balloons in. Next!
  • Lost Kingdom – Head round behind the Odyssey and run through the left path, past the weird roomba thing and you’ll find him.
  • New Donk City Mario’s sidekick can be found literally a few feet from where the Odyssey lands. Easy!
  • Snow Kingdom – You’ll have to get past the giant cloud hell-bent on blowing you off of the platform. Wait until it stops blowing and run past it quickly to find a noticeably cold mustachioed man.
  • Seaside Kingdom – Head out towards the periscope, past the talking snails and you’ll see him chilling out on the beach looking out at the special Bowser block.
  • Luncheon Kingdom Luigi can be found making literally zero effort to hide, standing right next to the Odyssey on arrival.
  • Ruined Kingdom Luigi is nowhere to be found here, most likely given the kingdom’s smaller size.
  • Bowser’s Kingdom – Pass through the flaming torches next to the Odyssey, Luigi is stood to the left of the gates which guard the entrance.
  • Moon Kingdom Our elusive green-capped hero can be found hiding right next to the Crazy Cap store. Weirdly, his balloons still allow him to float on the Moon.
  • Mushroom Kingdom – For a guy in charge of a hide and seek mode, Luigi really isn’t making much effort here. He can be found relaxing right next to where the Odyssey lands.

So there you have it, every Luigi location in Super Mario Odyssey. For more help with the game, be sure to check out our Super Mario Odyssey wiki guide.

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