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Every SoulCalibur Guest Character Ranked from Worst to First


Every SoulCalibur Guest Character Ranked from Worst to First

The age-old fighting game tradition of bonus guest characters is as exciting as it is ridiculous. It’s a chance to see your favorite characters in a different setting, in a different genre, and more often than not ends up being a great way for games to pay tribute to each other. Earlier this week, Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher himself was announced as a guest character in SoulCalibur VI, bringing with him a stage set in Kaer Morhen and his signature dual swords. In celebration of Geralt’s new gig and guest characters everywhere, we’ve decided to rank all of the main guest fighters in the SoulCalibur series, from the inspired to the downright bizarre. Let’s get started.

9. Lloyd Irving

SoulCalibur Guest Characters Ranked

best soul calibur guest characters

Now this one’s tough because LLoyd Irving definitely received the short straw in terms of SoulCalibur games to appear in. SoulCalibur Legends is an action-adventure spin-off from the fighting game series and is just so wholly mediocre. Instead of intense 1v1 battles, Legends has you running around 3D environments mindlessly hacking away at generic enemies.

Lloyd Irving does at least fit in with the series on paper, having originally come from Tales of Symphonia. His transition over to SoulCalibur in practice though, is absolutely the worst example of guest characters. His fighting style is changed, his voice is insufferable and he’s just not really given much to do. There’s an alternate universe somewhere in which Lloyd Irving made it into a mainline game, possibly even being one of the better characters in the series. In this universe though, not so much.

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