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Skyrim: Where the Dragonstone’s Location Is (Bleak Falls Barrow)


Skyrim: Where the Dragonstone’s Location Is (Bleak Falls Barrow)

Where the Dragonstone’s Location Is in Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim

Skyrim has a ton of quests for players to take on in whatever order they see fit. Sure, you’ll have to progress through its main story quests in order, but its massive world is filled with side quests and other distractions to keep you occupied for hundreds of hours. The Bleak Falls Barrow quest is a fairly early main quest in Skyrim, and players will need to get their hands on a Dragonstone, so here’s what you need to know to get it.

Once you’ve spoken to the Court Wizard and got the quest, you’ll first want to head back to the Riverwood Trader, if you haven’t been there already, and you’ll be told that a rare item has been stolen. ‘The Golden Claw’ quest will then begin, which you’ll need to activate in order to clear Bleak Falls Barrow and to get the Dragonstone.

Head to Bleak Falls Barrow and begin descending. You’ll need to take out two bandits almost immediately when you enter. With a couple kills to your name, you’ll want to advance on into the next room. You’ll need to switch the symbols on the movable pillars so they show the following – Snake, Snake, Whale. Once you’ve done this, activate the pillars and you’ll be able to proceed further into Skyrim’s Bleak Falls Barrow.

You’ll now need to head down the spiral stairs and look out for some enemies waiting to ambush when you reach the bottom. Take care of these and then move into the next room. You should find yourself in a fairly large room now, and you’ll hear someone shouting for help. You’re also sharing this room with a giant Frostbite Spider, so be sure to heal up and prepare yourself before heading inside.

The Frostbite Spider isn’t too difficult to defeat, so you shouldn’t have too many issues overcoming this challenge early on in Skyrim. You’re nearly through Bleak Falls Barrow, but you’ll now need to speak to Arvel – the guy stuck up in the Frostbite web – and grab the Golden Claw if you’re going to get any further.

He’ll tell you he can show you how to use it if you let him down, but as soon as you do by attacking the webs keeping him fixed in place, he’ll sprint off further into Bleak Falls Barrow. Give chase, and keep an eye out for both Draugr trying to take you down, as well as some little environmental traps that can make light work of your health bar. One of these will see the demise of Arvel, so keep an eye out for his body and loot the Golden Claw from him once you do.

Continue to advance through Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim until you reach the door that requires the Golden Claw to get through. You’ll need to change the rings on the door until you’ve got the following combination – Bear, Moth, Owl.

You’ll now enter a large room with a word wall toward the back and a tomb just by it. Head over to the word wall, interact with it, and you’ll learn a shout. It’ll also awaken the boss of Bleak Falls Barrow who is just a stronger Draugr than the other ones you’ve been facing, so block, dodge, and land a few attacks before rinsing and repeating and you’ll have it out of the way in no time.

Now, it’s time to find the Dragonstone’s location. As you may have guessed, you’ll want to check the boss Draugr’s body for the Dragonstone. With it in your inventory, you’re free to head up the stairs, interact with the handle, and head out the new exit from Bleak Falls Barrow into the world of Skyrim.

That’s all you need to know to spot the Dragonstone’s location in Skyrim. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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