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Sims Mobile: How to Check & Complete Special Events


Sims Mobile: How to Check & Complete Special Events

How to Check & Complete Special Events in The Sims Mobile

Like many mobile titles, The Sims Mobile has a number of daily and special events that players can complete in order to get Tickets, Simoleons, and more. Unfortunately, some players have had some issues in finding where to check special events in The Sims Mobile, so let’s give you a helping hand.

In order to see what special events you can complete in The Sims Mobile, you’ll first want to tap the ‘Quests’ option on the right side of your screen. Here, you should see all of your in-game quests appear, but at the very top of your screen, you should see an Events tab that you can tap on. This will now display the special events currently going on in The Sims Mobile.

It’s worth noting here that you won’t always have special events waiting for you to go ahead and complete. Also, note that when The Sims Mobile tasks you with completing an event, these are just things that’ll happen on their own accord within your Sims’ career, love life, or general lifestyle improvements.

To complete these special events in The Sims Mobile, you’ll need to select the one you fancy taking on and tap the ‘Start’ option below its description. Then, all you need to do is head to the location and begin performing actions that will fill the progress bar up. For example, you might need to head to Market Square Park and play an instrument to ‘Show off your musical talents.’ After you’ve done enough actions, you’ll be informed that you’ve completed the special event and will be given your rewards.

We do advise either resting up or making sure your Sim’s energy is replenished before trying out one of these special events. These can sometimes be pretty exhausting, and the last thing you want to do is fail it because your Sim is all out of energy.

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