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Sims Mobile: How To Get SimCash


Sims Mobile: How To Get SimCash

Getting SimCash in Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is a a free-to-play game, which means some content is going to be locked behind a separate currency unlockable via real money purchases. Thankfully, forking over money isn’t the only way to get Sims Mobile’s SimCash, which is used to purchase boosters, in-game items like furniture, and additional sim slots.

The easiest way to get SimCash is simply to buy it, but you’re reading this article so obviously you’re looking for an alternative. The fastest way to get more SimCash is the many advertisement-related options littered around social areas in-game. These advertisements are relatively short, lasting 30 seconds at most, and are easy ways to collect small amounts of SimCash. 30 second ads can rack up when you do them over and over, so if you’re going to spend time raking in SimCash, make sure you multitask because you can spend a long time just watching advertisements if you don’t.

Another way to get cash is simply by leveling up your Sims, with each level increasingly awarding more SimCash. When your Sim reaches max level, and your happy with the amount of Simoleons you’ve gotten out of them, you can retire them, which doesn’t delete the character, but does open up another slot for a Sim, giving you the chance to make more SimCash.

It may be tempting to spend your SimCash on the in-game skips and experience, but in the end you’re better off saving your SimCash. Using the money to buy extra Sim slots means more opportunities to make SimCash, and once you’ve unlocked as many as possible, you can get into a rhythm of leveling and making SimCash off of your Sims before you start spending the currency on the less valuable, but more fun purchases, like SimCash-exclusive furniture and clothes.

If in the end, if your cash is burning a hole in your pocket, there’s no shame in buying SimCash with real money, as long as you’re smart about it. The game offers weekly deals on SimCash, and sometimes a deal has more value than others. Just because you see a sale, doesn’t mean it’s the best deal. Wait for the best deal you can get, then make the purchase if you really need it.


This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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