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Sims Mobile: How to Give Stickers


Sims Mobile: How to Give Stickers

How to Give Stickers in Sims Mobile

Dedicated players of The Sims Mobile may have noticed the introduction of stickers in the game’s latest February update. Given to users just for logging in daily, they allow players the chance to get seen by others while out and about and gather some neat rewards in the form of Fashion Gems when completing tasks and getting adhesives from people.

Seeing as how stickers can net users some sick new clothes, there’s plenty of incentive in learning how to give them out in the first place. First, you’ll have to go to a sim with a blue plumbob over its head, indicating that these are other people’s creations. Touch the sim and scroll down to the bottom of the screen where their name is. Here, you’ll find the option to give three different types of stickers, so simply choose whichever one you want to dish out.

Unfortunately, you can only give out one sticker per sim every day, meaning you’ll have to log in consistently throughout the week in order to fulfil your daily tasks for the week. Players won’t know who sent them the stickers they receive, so you don’t necessarily have to be careful in the decision process.

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