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Sims Mobile: How to Get Home Tickets


Sims Mobile: How to Get Home Tickets

In The Sims Mobile, Tickets have replaced tokens and come in a variety of different types, obtained via different actions. Tickets are used in purchasing rare and valuable objects in the catalogue. Home Tickets are a type of ticket which can be earned through a variety of means. There are currently three types of Home Tickets: Home Tickets, Super Home Tickets, and Luxe Home Tickets.

Home Tickets are earned through Careers, Hobbies, and Special Events. Super Home Tickets are also obtained via Careers, Hobbies, and Special Events. Luxe Home Tickets can only be earned through Special Events. All Tickets can also be purchased using SimCash, the in-game currency bought with real money. Special Events are available for short periods of time and must be completed in order to receive tickets.

You can start an Event by selecting the quest option in the to-do list. Once the progress bar is filled and the Event is completed, tap the Sim to claim rewards. It’s worth noting that you’ll want you Sim to be full of energy before you start, you can fill it by taking a power nap, going to the bathroom, or by eating a cupcake, earned by either buying them or completing certain tasks.

The Sims Mobile is based on The Sims 4 and The Sims Free-to-Play and brings the experience to mobile devices. You’ll create a character from scratch, build up your home, start a career, make friends, and create a family. It features a higher level of character customization than any other game in the series, and also communicates and thinks via emojis. When each of your Sims makes a new friend, you’re given a choice as to what type of relationship it will be. From flirty to a more traditional friendship, there are multiple options to tailor the experience.

The Sims Mobile released March 6 for IOS and Android devices. You can download it here.

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