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5 Ways Sea of Thieves Is the Best Pirate Sim Ever


5 Ways Sea of Thieves Is the Best Pirate Sim Ever

Whimsical Pirating Jack Sparrow Would be Proud Of

5 Ways Sea of Thieves Is the Best Pirate Sim Ever

Sea of Thieves has launched today, and that means one thing: it’s time to mic-spam the Pirates of The Caribbean theme as you ram your sloop into other players’ ships! Modern pirates are romanticized to the point we just think of them as fun-loving caricatures engaging in banter and lighthearted shanty singing; caricatures which we can finally become in Sea of Thieves.

You’ve seen Captain Jack Sparrow perform the most incredible of stunts, ones that are gratuitous and death-defying for the sake of looking cool. In Sea of Thieves, shooting yourself out of a cannon never gets old, especially once you’ve done it enough times your aim improves and you start pulling off trick shots. Mark our words: 360 no-scope human cannonball challenge videos are going to be a thing.

The game gives you so many opportunities to just mess around with both mechanics and player interaction, and unless you’re mid-voyage, there aren’t really any repercussions to having fun, which is a rarity in many modern multiplayer games. If it’s not in the inevitable roleplay you and your friends will engage in, there’s an equal sense of mischief to be had when fighting battles, too. Jumping overboard in the middle of a firefight and sneaking onto an enemy ship during the commotion of battle is nerve-wreckingly exciting; blowing it to smitherines when nobody knew you were even there is the most ridiculously rewarding experiences you could possible enjoy in a video game.


This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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