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Not Everyone is Thrilled with Sea of Thieves’ First Pirate Legend

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Not Everyone is Thrilled with Sea of Thieves’ First Pirate Legend

Yesterday marked the first day a Sea of Thieves player became Pirate Legend, achieving level 50 in all three of the game’s Trading Companies. While the achievement itself is remarkable, much of the community isn’t impressed with how Twitch streamer Prod1gyX actually reached the milestone.

While he’s been playing a lot of the game since its release, he managed to become the first Pirate Legend by joining his viewers’ games right before they turned in treasure chests, skulls, and Merchant Alliance goods to increase his reputation and get gold. This “boosting,” as the community is calling it, has caused outrage among players who have played the game the way it’s meant to be played on their journey toward becoming Pirate Legend.

A user on the Sea of Thieves subreddit yesterday called out the streamer, titling the popular post #NotMyPirateLegend. Some comments on the post claim the streamer seemed to barely know how to play the game.

Another Reddit user thinks this should have been the expectation all along, with the user being more disappointed that the first Pirate Legend can allegedly barely play the game rather than him having boosted his way to get the status.

The #NotMyPirateLegend hashtag has taken over Twitter as well, with users calling the man a cheater, and others saying what he did isn’t cheating, but it also doesn’t make him a real Pirate Legend.

The community is pretty split about what exactly constitutes cheating in Sea of Thieves, but across the board people aren’t happy the first person to become a Pirate Legend didn’t play the game the way it’s intended to be played.

Other users aren’t happy with what they saw of the end game, once the streamer reached Pirate Legend status. Check out this video to see what the Legendary Hideout contains, and some of the voyages available for Pirate Legends. One Reddit user was disappointed after seeing the content, asking Rare for some transparency about the future of the game and upcoming updates.

For their part, Rare has been pretty quiet about their first Pirate Legend, but Executive Producer Joe Neate has promised on Twitter that the developers are discussing the situation and understand the community’s sentiment, but that we’ll have to wait until next week to hear their full thoughts.

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