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Pokemon Bank Users Can Download Three Rare Pokemon Now

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Pokemon Bank Users Can Download Three Rare Pokemon Now

Pokemon fans can now download three fully evolved Alolan starters this month, provided they have a Pokemon Bank account. To download, you will firstly need a copy of either Pokemon Sun Moon, or the more recent titles, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. If your copy of the game is physical, you must insert it into your 3DS, then access the Pokemon Bank app. You should get a notification about the gifts, which can be picked up from a Pokemon Center the next time you start your game.

The three Pokemon, Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina, come with hidden abilities which are not usually obtainable in the game. Decidueye comes with the ability Long Reach, which keeps effects caused by contact moves from activating. Incineroar has the ability Intimidate, which lowers an opponent’s attack stats. Finally, Primarina comes with the hidden ability Liquid Voice, which turns sound-based moves into water-type moves.

If you do not currently have Pokemon Bank, you can enroll for an annual fee. The price is $4.99 for those in the United States. The service allows the user to store up to 3,000 Pokemon using cloud-based storage, as well as transfer them to newer games, the earliest being Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. In order to transfer Pokemon from older games, such as Pokemon Red or Blue, you must use the Poke Transporter app, which comes bundled with the service.

If you have no intention of buying Pokemon Bank, you can still download a rare Pokemon this month. Up until March 24, players still have the opportunity to download either Regigigas or Heatran. Regigigas is available for Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun, whereas Heatran can be downloaded in Pokemon Moon or Ultra Moon. Those in Europe can download the legendary Pokemon through mystery gift, but those in the US can only get codes through their copy of the March Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter. The March download event is a part of an ongoing series of monthly download events that will continue throughout 2018.


This post was originally written by Katharine Craven.

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