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Phil Spencer and Fortnite Devs Support Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Cross-Play

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Phil Spencer and Fortnite Devs Support Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Cross-Play

Multiplayer games are extremely popular. Gamers can connect with their friends and spend hours teaming up (or competing) in different game modes. However, one big roadblock is in the way: gamers usually can’t participate in cross-platform multiplayer games. PlayStation 4 Battlefield 1 players can only play with other PlayStation 4 players, PC Team Fortress 2 owners can only team up with other PC owners, and so on. Many gamers wish this weren’t the case, and they aren’t alone.

Several days ago, Twitter user James @ddokkabae posed the following question: can Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners play Fortnite together via cross-play? James expressed a desire for cross-play, and both Microsoft’s Executive Vice President and Fortnite developer Epic Games had the same response:

This is a welcome sentiment, and not an unexpected one. After all, Microsoft and Epic Games recently teamed up to develop a mobile port of Fortnite (well, it’s Battle Royale mode, anyway) that will feature cross-play and cross-progression with the Xbox One, PC, and Mac versions of the game. Moreover, Epic Games reached a similar deal with Sony so owners of the mobile version could also play with PlayStation 4 copy owners. Sadly, that is where the cross-platform compatibility currently ends: while Android and iOS owners will be able to play with other platforms, Xbox One owners still can’t play Fortnite with PlayStation 4 owners, which only fuels the infatuation of a cross-play capability.

The fan response to Spencer and Epic Games’ desire for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cross-play has been unanimous; not a single commentor (at least none I’ve seen) hates the prospect of booting up Fortnite on an Xbox One console and competing against players on the PlayStation 4, or vice versa. Granted, some mudslinging is involved, but even the commentors who post those kinds of responses seem to be ready to test their mettle against the owners of their respective console’s rival.

While we do not know if Fortnite will ever feature true cross-platform cross-play, it is clearly high on the list of many gamers’  — and Epic Games’ — priorities. With luck, this fan outcry can serve as the impetus for Sony and Microsoft to build cross-platform bridges, not just for Fortnite but for other games as well.

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