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OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Overwatch League

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

OWL Power Rankings – Stage 2 Week 3

Things got really weird this week. Florida got their second win finally, the Gladiators suddenly look like playoff contenders and the musical chairs between the top six teams continue. Here’s how the power rankings shake up after three weeks in this stage.

1: New York Excelsior

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 2

Match Record (W-L): 14-2

Map Differential: +36

Next Week’s Schedule: Seoul Dynasty, Shanghai Dragons

London and New York keep trading spots. It’s tough to pin down on a week to week basis who is better between the two, but in a week 3 where New York took care of business against two lesser teams and London took an L from the Gladiators. Right now, New York looks like the slightly stronger team.

2: London Spitfire

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 1

Match Record (W-L): 11-5

Map Differential: +23

Next Week’s Schedule: San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty

The Gladiators are playing well right now, so a loss to them isn’t totally shameful, and they were able handle the Dragons as they should. But, New York, with their 2-0 against arguably tougher opponents, drops London down a peg in this week’s power ranking.

3: Seoul Dynasty

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 3

Match Record (W-L): 13-3

Map Differential: +23

Next Week’s Schedule: New York Excelsior, London Spitfire

Seoul is looking strong again right now, and have two tremendous games next week to prove they are the best of the best again. They did win easily in week 3, but faced fairly easy opponents. It will take more than a win against Shanghai and Philly to propel the Dynasty above the more consistent New York and London squads. They will have their chance to do that next week though.

4: Los Angeles Valiant

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

los angeles valiant

Last Week: 6

Match Record (W-L): 11-5

Map Differential: +16

Next Week’s Schedule: Florida Mayhem, Boston Uprising

This was… a weird week for the Valiant. 4-0’ing Houston is huge, but then that good will is essentially erased with that 0-4 to their rival Gladiators. Still, they have amassed a solid 11-5 record and +16 map score, and are among the best squads in the league right now.

5: Houston Outlaws

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 4

Match Record (W-L): 10-6

Map Differential: +14

Next Week’s Schedule: Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock

We must have cursed the Outlaws crowning them #1 in the league a few weeks ago. They have since slipped four spots in our rankings and have to play a red hot Gladiator team next week.

6: Los Angeles Gladiators

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 9

Match Record (W-L): 8-8

Map Differential: 0

Next Week’s Schedule: Houston Outlaws, Florida Mayhem

Woah, OK Gladiators, welcome to the conversation! They got two tremendous wins against the Valiant and the Spitfire, and are back in the mix for the playoffs. Right now at least, they appear to be playing a cut above the next two teams in this ranking.

7: Philadelphia Fusion

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 5

Match Record (W-L): 9-7

Map Differential: -3

Next Week’s Schedule: Shanghai Dragons, Dallas Fuel

Philly had a chance last week to prove their weren’t just a fluky team, but failed. They face two bottom of the barrel teams next week and better come out 2-0 otherwise they’ll continue to fall in our eyes.


8: Boston Uprising

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 7

Match Record (W-L): 8-8

Map Differential: +2

Next Week’s Schedule: Dallas Fuel, Philadelphia Fusion

Boston is just bland right now. They compete, but rarely beat the better teams, but at least win the games they are supposed to win. Boston needs a signature win or two to prove they are legit playoff contenders and more than middle of the road.

9: San Francisco Shock

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 10

Match Record (W-L): 5-11

Map Differential: -13

Next Week’s Schedule: London Spitfire, Houston Outlaws

The Shock, although still a long way away from playoff contention, do look a cut above the bottom of the barrel teams and leap up into their highest spot so far this season in our power rankings. They have two really tough matchups next week, and if they come out 1-1, that would be very impressive.

10: Dallas Fuel

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 8

Match Record (W-L): 5-11

Map Differential: –15

Next Week’s Schedule: Boston Uprising, Philadelphia Fusion

The Fuel are a disaster right now. They look shot, and demoralized and honestly, we almost put Florida ahead of them this week. Still despite the loss to Florida, they have the stronger body of work. But just because we don’t trust Florida yet, doesn’t mean the Fuel’s situation is any less messy.

11: Florida Mayhem

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 11

Match Record (W-L): 2-14

Map Differential: -34

Next Week’s Schedule: Los Angeles Valiant, Boston Uprising

The Mayhem are probably never going to compete for a playoff spot, but they are fighting, and proving that they at least can be respectable professional team. They got their second win finally versus the struggling Dallas squad and they would love to steal at least one of those games versus Boston and Los Angeles.

12: Shanghai Dragons

OWL Power Rankings: Stage 2 Week 3

Last Week: 12

Match Record (W-L): 0-16

Map Differential: -49

Next Week’s Schedule: Philadelphia Fusion, New York Excelsior

What is there to say really? Shanghai will go 0-2 every week probably until they don’t.

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