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Nintendo Direct: What 2 PM PT Time Is


Nintendo Direct: What 2 PM PT Time Is

What 2 PM PT Is For the Nintendo Direct

Y’all might have heard by now that there’s a Nintendo Direct happening tomorrow, Mar. 8, at 2 PM PT. However, what does that mean for your timezone? Not all of us live in California, you know? And, also, math can be, like, super hard to do.

Well, here’s a bunch of different time zones across the US and some of Europe to hopefully help you out at a glance in figuring out when you should tune into the Nintendo Direct.

Mountain Time (Colorodo, Utah, etc.) – 3 PM MT

Central Time (Minnesota, Illinois, etc.) – 4 PM CT

Eastern Time Zone (New York, Florida, etc.) – 5 PM ET

Greenwich Mean Time – 11 PM GMT

There you have it! Hopefully if you’re in the US you’re ready to tune in right during work hours. If you need a good time converter like the one that I definitely had to use while writing this article, I recommend this one. Hope this article helps!

While we don’t really know right now what the Direct will be about aside from it being centered around 3DS titles, Switch titles, and Mario Tennis Aces, there will no doubt be some surprises as there usually are when it comes to these.

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