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Ni No Kuni 2: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?


Ni No Kuni 2: Is There Co-Op Multiplayer?

Is There Co-Op Multiplayer in Ni No Kuni 2?

One of the cool features of Ni No Kuni 2’s new combat system is that players can switch between multiple characters on the fly. That means you’ll not only be mastering the spells and swordplay of its main protagonist, Evan, but also his crew of companions too. There are six playable characters in total. With such a choice of different playstyles, you might well be wondering whether Ni No Kuni 2 has co-op multiplayer so that you can share the experience with a pal.

Unfortunately, we’ve disappointing news if that was a feature you were looking forward to. There is no co-op multiplayer in Ni No Kuni 2; just as was the case with the first game, Revenant Kingdom is a single-player experience only. Although you’ve got lots of choice in terms of which characters you play as, your companions will be AI controlled during Evan’s adventure.

Don’t worry though, there are loads of different game modes to keep things interesting throughout this 40 or so hour experience. Between kingdom building, skirmishes, and the awesome new real-time combat, you’ll never feel as though there isn’t something to go and do.

For more information and useful guides on Ni No Kuni 2, be sure to check out our expanding wiki page.

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